Who doesn’t like a FREE SPORTS APP that not only allows you to interact LIVE with sporting events on TV but also support the SSYFCA at the same time!?

This game is unlike any other game app out there, allowing the player to interact with televised live sporting events. YOU CAN BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO DOWNLOAD IT!
By clicking on the link below, you will be able to preregister for the brand new app that is being hailed by celebrities and professional athletes as the innovative and interactive way to get in the game AND receive 12 live play tokens.

www.firefan.com - access code: Sebastian

Who Is The Ideal FireFan Player?

Pro Football Fans (NFL)

College Football Fans

Soccer & International Soccer Fans

Pro Basketball Fans (NBA)

Pro Hockey Fans (NHL)

Pro Baseball Fans (MLB)

Pro Cricket Fans

Here is how it works…

FireFan is a free mobile app for playing real time fantasy sports. The game will go live the week of November 21. The first game is essentially "free" with no effort to watch advertisements or buy tokens. From there, each game requires 12 tokens to play live. These tokens can be acquired by purchase or advertisement participation.

Imagine being able to call plays live during the game while chatting with your buddies in the awesome social feed. Predict what’s happening next in the game. Test your team and sports knowledge.

FireFan is similar to fantasy, but includes questions (aka picks) about the game not just players. Within the app the player will be able to make free pregame "picks". And then interact live during the game to make live game time picks. Each pick will award the player with reward points. These points will then be available for use on tangible goods ( shirts, hats,socks, gift cards,etc).

FireFan allows you to take your fandom to the next level and stake your claim as your teams best home town fan. So text your buddies and get ready to experience live sports in a brand new way!



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